LeBron James reveals why he hates Boston and Celtics fans

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LeBron James reveals why he hates Boston and Celtics fans
LeBron James reveals why he hates Boston and Celtics fans (Provided by Sport World News)

LeBron James admits he doesn't much love for Boston fans as he believes they are extremely racist. Appearing in the latest episode of "The Shop," James was asked why he hates Boston. “Because they’re racist as f---, that’s why," James responded.

"They will say anything. And it’s fine. I mean, f---, it’s my life. I’ve been dealing with it my whole life. I don’t mind - Like, if I hear somebody close by, I’ll check ’em real quick [and] I’ll move on to the game.

They gonna say whatever the f--- they wanna say. They might throw something on you”. In Game 6 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals, James delivered a monstrous performance to help the Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics and clinch a Game 7 in Miami.

As James was making his way to the locker room, a Celtics fan poured a drink on him. James certainly didn't like the gesture as he also helped the Heat win Game 7 and progress into the 2012 Nba Finals.

James does not want to be included in any trades for Kevin Durant

Durant has requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets and NBA fans have been suggesting on social media that the Lakers should trade James for Durant.

NBA legend Robert Horry thinks a James trade could happen as he doesn't believe that James is actually untouchable. “I think there’s only probably one dude in the league right now — or two dudes — I’d say two dudes that aren’t on the trading block,” Horry said.

“That’s Luka and Steph. Everybody else can be traded”. Even though James in 37, he has proved that he is still capable at a nearly MVP level. Still, Horry believes James could be out of Los Angeles if the right deal comes.

“Hell yeah,” Horry said when asked for his opinion on whether the Lakers would move from James. “Let’s say I give you KD (Kevin Durant). If you Rob Pelinka and someone says, ‘Okay, I’ll give you KD for LeBron,’ you have to do that trade”.

Fox Sports' Chris Broussard spoke with sources close to James and he reported that James would not welcome a trade to Brooklyn. "I talked with someone close to LeBron and he would not want this to happen. The Lakers respect LeBron enough that they'll do what he wants to do," Broussard said.

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