Lakers displaying 'major impatience' as nothing is happening for them this summer

The Lakers want to make moves but nothing is happening for them.

by Dzevad Mesic
Lakers displaying 'major impatience' as nothing is happening for them this summer

The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly "eager to do something" and getting "impatient" as they would prefer to make some roster changes and possibly work out an extension with LeBron James this summer. The Lakers entered this past season as top favorites for the NBA title but finished with an extremely disappointing 33-49 record and missed out on the playoffs.

The Lakers appear to be willing to give James and Anthony Davis another chance but the same cannot be said for Russell Westbrook. The Brooklyn Nets have made Kyrie Irving available in trade talks and the Lakers have been mentioned as the team which has the most interest in acquiring Irving.

The Lakers would prefer to acquire Irving and send Westbrook to Brooklyn. “They’re eager to do something,” one Western Conference executive told “The team they have is just not good enough right now.

Everyone there wants to see a resolution to the Westbrook situation. They want to see about Kyrie. They want to get what they can from Indiana once they start selling off pieces, whether it is Buddy Hield or Myles Turner or both.

So there is some major impatience, and they are looking at LeBron maybe getting an extension next month and they want to have everything in place. Well, nothing’s in place yet”.

James wants Irving

James and Irving played together for several seasons before Irving demanded a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In a recent interview, Irving admitted that leaving James was probably a mistake. Irving and James now appear to be on good terms and James reportedly wants the Lakers to trade for Irving. According to Trevor Lane of Lakers, Irving being traded to the Lakers is just a matter of time.

“There were some rumors going around that I saw on the Twittersphere that the buzz in summer league was that the deal is going to get done with Kyrie Irving, and I do want to confirm that,” Lane said. “Now, I’m not saying it’s done.

I’m not saying it’s definitely happening. But I am saying that the general consensus from everybody that I spoke to out there — and I did talk to a lot of people — the general consensus was that sooner or later, Kyrie Irving will wind up with the Los Angeles Lakers”. Should the Lakers acquire Irving, they would have a new Big Three in the likes of Irving, James and Davis.