NBA legend proposes Lakers trade LeBron James for Kevin Durant

An NBA legend thinks James is not untouchable.

by Dzevad Mesic
NBA legend proposes Lakers trade LeBron James for Kevin Durant

Former seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry says he doesn't believe LeBron James is untouchable and that the Los Angeles Lakers might be willing to trade James if they could acquire Kevin Durant. This offseason, Durant requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets and NBA fans think the Lakers and Nets could do a trade - Durant ends up in Los Angeles, while James goes to Brooklyn and gets his wish to reunite with Kyrie Irving.

Appearing on the Big Shot Bob Pod, Horry suggested there are only two untouchable players in the NBA - Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry and Dallas Mavricks guard Luka Doncic. “I think there’s only probably one dude in the league right now — or two dudes — I’d say two dudes that aren’t on the trading block,” Horry said.

“That’s Luka and Steph. Everybody else can be traded”. When asked what should the Lakers do if the Nets propose a Durant for James trade, Horry said they should definitely pull the trigger. “Hell yeah,” Horry said when asked for his opinion on whether the Lakers would move from James.

“Let’s say I give you KD (Kevin Durant). If you Rob Pelinka and someone says, ‘Okay, I’ll give you KD for LeBron,’ you have to do that trade”.

James would not want that happen

Fox Sports' Chris Broussard spoke to a source close to James and the source confirmed James would definitely not want that happen.

"I talked with someone close to LeBron and he would not want this to happen. The Lakers respect LeBron enough that they'll do what he wants to do," Broussard said. James and the Lakers are coming off of a disappointing season and reports suggest that James badly wants the Lakers to pull of a trade for Nets' Irving.

The talks between the Lakers and Nets regarding Irving are ongoing but nothing has happened yet. According to Trevor Lane of Lakers Nation, the belief is that the Irving to Lakers trade will eventually happen this summer.

“There were some rumors going around that I saw on the Twittersphere that the buzz in summer league was that the deal is going to get done with Kyrie Irving, and I do want to confirm that,” Lane said. “Now, I’m not saying it’s done.

I’m not saying it’s definitely happening. But I am saying that the general consensus from everybody that I spoke to out there — and I did talk to a lot of people — the general consensus was that sooner or later, Kyrie Irving will wind up with the Los Angeles Lakers”.

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