NBA has surpassed 10 billion in revenue

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NBA has surpassed 10 billion in revenue

Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, took stock of the situation, talking about the incredible earnings of the League. He said: "The numbers surprised me to some degree because they exceeded our projections. So to the extent that our projections represent where we think our business was going, exceeding $ 10 billion in revenue is clearly a I think it's pretty extraordinary considering where we came from, where we were only two and a half years ago.

The future of this industry was in question, partly due to the pandemic and also from people wondering if there would still be the desire to continue meeting in the arenas. " In fact, the ability of the NBA to attract capital remains unique in the world sports scene, so much so as to make executives confident that in the coming years the revenues could rise by a further 30%.

Symptom of the attitude shown in the last decades by the NBA: to always keep looking ahead. NBA is back to normal both at the calendar level and above all as an audience. The most important part of the income is in fact that relating to the baskeball-releted income, BRI, the basis on which the NBA salary cap and the distribution of salaries and wealth of the 30 franchises are also calculated, to which the television rights are then added, which nearly two billion dollars, various sponsorships and other activities.

NBA star LeBron James on Brittney Griner

From the trailer for the latest episode of The Shop: Uninterrupted, the show LeBron James hosts on YouTube and HBO Max, came harsh words from the Lakers superstar about handling the complex issue Brittney Griner, who is still being held in Russia.

"I wonder how she can feel that her country, the United States of America, is on her side. If I were her, I would go so far as to ask myself: do I really want to go back to America?". Words so harsh that James himself wanted to explain them better in a tweet closed by the hashtag #BringHerBack.