Agent responds to report that Buccaneers have real interest in Jimmy Garoppolo

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Agent responds to report that Buccaneers have real interest in Jimmy Garoppolo
Agent responds to report that Buccaneers have real interest in Jimmy Garoppolo (Provided by Sport World News)

Jimmy Garoppolo's agent Don Yee has confirmed that the quarterback is progressing well from a shoulder surgery and said the report of Garoppolo ending up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was false. This past weekend, Dan Sileo on his podcast reported Yee initially didn't want to trade Garoppolo to a team where he would be a backup but the shoulder surgery the quarterback underwent in March put him in that position.

. Also, Sileo claimed the Buccaneers have an interest in acquiring Garoppolo. In that case, Garoppolo would have been the backup and then be promoted to the starting quarterback when Tom Brady retires. On Monday, Yee spoke with Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, where he said that report was false.

“He’s progressing well and on schedule,” Yee said, per Pro Football Talk. “We’re optimistic about the upcoming season. Over the weekend, a report came out that asserted that I had spoken to a media member about his future, but the report was false”.

Garoppolo to the Buccaners not true

"Don Yee (Jimmy Garoppolo's agent) doesn't want to trade Jimmy Garoppolo to a backup position. However, Jimmy Garoppolo's injury kind of put him in that room. He's not going to be ready for the start of the regular season in September.

He will not be ready (and) he'll probably miss the first four games anyway," Dan Sileo of The National Football Show with Dan Sileo said on a recent episode of the show. "Garoppolo has two teams on the table right now that are trying to throw some deals together.

The Buccaneers would love to have Jimmy G in Tampa as the heir apparent. So Garoppolo and his 36-14 record would go to Tampa as the backup and once (Tom) Brady leaves, there's Jimmy G with a ready-made team again like he had in San Francisco and in New England.

It's a no-brainer." Garoppolo is a quarterback with a Super Bowl appearance on his resume and he was expected to find a new team in the opening hours of free agency. However, the surgery that Garoppolo underwent in early March put the 49ers in an uncomfortable spot and that's one of the main reasons why he still hasn't been traded.

Last week, the Cleveland Browns traded Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers. Now, the expectation is that the 49ers will try to trade Garoppolo rather sooner than later.

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