Lakers insider reveals what he was told about Kyrie Irving-Lakers trade situation

The Lakers are attempting to trade for Irving.

by Dzevad Mesic
Lakers insider reveals what he was told about Kyrie Irving-Lakers trade situation

Los Angeles Lakers insider Trevor Lane reports that he has spoken with a lot of people and the general consensus is that Kyrie Irving will indeed finish with the Lakers. Irving wants out of Brooklyn and the Lakers have been mentioned as the team in which he has the most interest.

The Lakers also have a strong interest in Irving and it has been also reported that LeBron James would like Irving to replace Russell Westbrook. The Lakers have been linked with Irving for the past few weeks but still nothing concrete has happened.

According to Lane of Lakers Nation, Irving being traded to the Lakers will happen "sooner or later." “There were some rumors going around that I saw on the Twittersphere that the buzz in summer league was that the deal is going to get done with Kyrie Irving, and I do want to confirm that,” Lane said, per Lakers Daily.

“Now, I’m not saying it’s done. I’m not saying it’s definitely happening. But I am saying that the general consensus from everybody that I spoke to out there — and I did talk to a lot of people — the general consensus was that sooner or later, Kyrie Irving will wind up with the Los Angeles Lakers”.

Irving was in Los Angeles

Last week, Irving played some pickup basketball in Los Angeles and reportedly several NBA players and scouts were there too. Brad Turner of The Los Angeles Times reported that those in attendance were in awe of the skill set Irving displayed.

“He was playing with some guys out in the valley, and he was clearly the best guy on the court, and there were other NBA players there,” said Turner. “He was scoring in ways that some of the guys just couldn’t imagine — off the wrong foot, jump shots, layups, 3-point shots with ease.

We’ve seen him — his skill set is amazing, and from what I was told yesterday that all this guy could do was just sit there and shake his head because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His first thing was, he called, and he goes, ‘You gotta call me back.’ And he just says, ‘If it takes giving up 2,000 draft picks, go get this guy because he can get it done.' ” It remains to be seen if Irving will indeed finish with the Lakers this summer.

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