NBA insider tells how Kyrie Irving left NBA players 'stunned' with his skill set


NBA insider tells how Kyrie Irving left NBA players 'stunned' with his skill set

Kyrie Irving played some pickup basketball in Los Angeles and reportedly he left fellow NBA players and scouts in awe with his skill set. Irving, who opted into the final year of his contract with the Brooklyn Nets, is expected to be moved before the new season starts.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been mentioned as the team which has the most interest in acquiring Irving and the star guard is reportedly also very interested in wearing the Purple and Gold next season. With Irving available, NBA teams have a chance to make a run at one of the most talented and skilled players in the league.

Brad Turner of The Los Angeles Times explained how Irving left everyone in attendance stunned with his skill set. “He was playing with some guys out in the valley, and he was clearly the best guy on the court, and there were other NBA players there,” said Turner.

“He was scoring in ways that some of the guys just couldn’t imagine — off the wrong foot, jump shots, layups, 3-point shots with ease. We’ve seen him — his skill set is amazing, and from what I was told yesterday that all this guy could do was just sit there and shake his head because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

His first thing was, he called, and he goes, ‘You gotta call me back.’ And he just says, ‘If it takes giving up 2,000 draft picks, go get this guy because he can get it done.' ”

The Lakers want Irving

The Lakers had a disappointing last season and it is not a secret that LeBron James has been trying to find ways to improve the team.

ESPN's NBA insider Brian Windhorst noted that James wants to win now and that he doesn't care much about potentially losing the team's future first round draft picks. “I can’t articulate how little LeBron cares about the Lakers’ 2029 first-round pick,” Windhorst said, spurring hearty chuckles from his fellow pundits.

“He’s never cared about first-round draft picks. He doesn’t care about first-round draft picks when they’re on his team. He wants to win tonight, and Kyrie Irving gives him a chance tonight”. Also, Windhorst suggested the Lakers can wait with Irving since they are pretty much the only team that has shown big interest in acquiring Irving.

“We have heard more in the last week about teams that have no interest in Kyrie than we have about teams that do have interest,” he said. “There was some reports that maybe Philly, maybe Dallas, and those teams very quickly pushed back on it. ‘No, no, no, no. We don’t want him,'" Windhorst said.

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