NBA analyst thinks Kevin Durant is not thrilled to see Kyrie Irving staying with Nets

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NBA analyst thinks Kevin Durant is not thrilled to see Kyrie Irving staying with Nets

Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless thinks Kyrie Irving did not really want that bad to reunite with LeBron James since he decided to opt in to his $36.5 million player option with the Brooklyn Nets. The Los Angeles Lakers and Irving reportedly both showed mutual interest in teaming up but the Lakers failed to complete a trade package intriguing enough for the Nets to consider a trade.

On Monday, Irving announced he would return to the Nets for the 2022 season. "Guess Kyrie didn't want a second chance with LeBron THAT bad - not lose-$30-mil bad. So, after wrecking the Nets last season, he's forced to play with them next season for a mere $36.5 mil.

Some guys just can't get a break," Bayless tweeted.

If Irving and the Nets don't agree on an extension this summer, Irving will become a free agent next offseason. "Normal people keep the world going, but those who dare to be different lead us into tomorrow," Irving told The Athletic.

"I've made my decision to opt in. See you in the fall. A11even."

Bayless on Irving staying with the Nets and Kevin Durant's thinking

Last week, it was reported that Durant was observing the situation without getting himself involved.

Irving is no stranger to drama and this past season he was making lots of headlines for not so great reasons. "Just a guess: There has to be part of Kevin Durant - maybe a pretty big part - that's thinking, 'I wish he'd opted out so I could be done with him,'" Bayless said in another tweet.

Both Irving and Durant signed with the Nets in 2019.

Three years have passed and they have yet to win a title together. After the Nets' season ended, Irving suggested he and Durant have "unfinished business" in Brooklyn. "There's no question about where I'm going and how this is going to happen," Irving said shortly after the Nets' season ended.

"I'm here with [Durant], but also I'm here to build a great team. I've averaged this many points, done this many things. Individually, been recognized for my greatness, but at this point in my career, I really just want to be part of a great team.

And just dominate that way and not really focus on any individual accolades and achievements. Just really build something special -- that's my focus going into the summer is just building with my teammates." With Irving secured for the 2022 season, the Nets can feel relieved as that means Durant will also stay.