Russell Westbrook warns Skip Bayless after disrespectful comment: Watch your mouth

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Russell Westbrook warns Skip Bayless after disrespectful comment: Watch your mouth

Los Angeles Lakers star guard Russell Westbrook fired back at Fox Sports analyst Skipp Bayless, warning him to "watch your mouth." In the 2022 NBA draft, the Lakers acquired a second round pick, with which they selected shooting guard Max Christie.

Christie shot just 32 percent from the field last season and Bayless wasn't a fan of the selection. Giving his thoughts on the Lakers' draft selection, Bayless sarcastically said Christie would "fit in perfectly with Westbrick" and Lebron James.

"Lakers acquire a 2nd-round pick, take Michigan State's Max Christie, who shot only 32% from 3 last season. Perfect! He'll fit right in with LeBron and Westbrick," Bayless tweeted.

Westbrook to Bayless: Watch your mouth

"Yoooo, watch your mouth.

Don’t say anything here you wouldn’t say to my face," Westbrook responded.

Westbrook didn't enjoy an impressive first year in Los Angeles but there is still a chance he returns to the team for the next season.

Westbrook has a $47 million player option for the next season and the general expectation is that he will pick up his option. This week, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka said in case Westbrook returns to the Lakers next year, he will need to be a "defense-first" player.

“Russ has a decision to make about his option. He earned that in his contract just with his play and when he negotiated that contract originally,” Pelinka said. "I think Darvin [Ham] and I have had meetings with Russ and have just been honest about how we think he fits with this team and what we expect of him next year if he decided to opt in and be here.

He’s ready to embrace philosophy of defense-first as well and he’s made that clear to Darvin and me. If he chooses to come back. But he hasn’t given a final decision on that yet. He has more days to figure all that out with his family.

But if he comes back, he will be embraced here with open arms and want to put a path in front of him to have a successful season”. The Lakers' trio of Westbrook, James and Anthony Davis absolutely disappointed last season.

After the Lakers' season ended, Davis suggested he would like to get another chance to compete for a title with James and Westbrook. Westbrook returning to the Lakers for the next season is still a chance but the Lakers are reportedly very interested in acquiring Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets.

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