Celtics president told Jayson Tatum to go on vacation after rough NBA Finals display

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Celtics president told Jayson Tatum to go on vacation after rough NBA Finals display

Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Brad Stevens reveals he told Jayson Tatum to "go on a vacation" after the 24-year-old's rough display in the NBA Finals. In his first NBA Finals appearance, Tatum struggled to deliver his best game and the Celtics paid the price by losing to the Golden State Warriors in six games.

"I just told him to go on vacation," Stevens said of his message to Tatum, per ESPN. "Go get some rest. This guy gave us everything he had. When you look at the minutes, when you look at the games played. I've said this many times: He's a superstar that doesn't want to sit.

He wants to play, he wants to play all the time. I thought that in the Finals, obviously, I think he would be the first to say that he would like to have some of those moments back, but I thought there were other contributing factors to how he played."

Tatum struggled throughout the entire NBA Finals series

Tatum shot just once 50 percent from the field and four times went below 40 percent. In a key Game 6 loss, Tatum went just 6-of-18 from the field as the Warriors beat the Celtics 103-90 to seal the title.

Stevens acknowledged that Tatum didn't have a great display in the NBA Finals but also underlined the Celtics certainly would not have made it that far if not for Tatum. Also, Stevens suggested he is confident the Celtics' star duo Tatum and Jaylen Brown can lead the team to an NBA championship.

"The way I try to look at it is, obviously, we're all subjective in every moment and react emotionally, but when you start looking at it objectively and more so historically, what Jayson and Jaylen have done in the playoffs, historically at their ages, is rarified air," Stevens said.

"I think we're very cognizant of the fact that even though Jayson would admittedly not have played his best series, there's no chance we're there without him and without all of his great play all the way through.

I think back to all of the times - Game 6 in Milwaukee was one of the best games I've seen an individual play in my time, certainly in person and with the Celtics. Without that performance, we would have had this discussion a month and a half ago."