Jayson Tatum answers if he expects his shoulder injury to require surgery

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Jayson Tatum answers if he expects his shoulder injury to require surgery

Jayson Tatum was visibly devastated and crushed after the Boston Celtics' NBA Finals loss but revealed he doesn't expect his shoulder injury to require a surgery. Tatum sustained a shoulder injury in Game 3 of the Miami Heat series but didn't miss any time.

However, he was often seen grabbing his shoulder throughout the remainder of the playoffs. “No, I don’t think [I’ll need surgery],” Tatum said on Thursday. On Thursday night, the Celtics hosted the Warriors in Game 6 of the Nba Finals.

The Celtics were 2-3 down in the series and Game 6 was a must-win for them. Unfortunately for the Celtics, they failed to deliver in Game 6 as the Celtics won 103-90 to close out the series and win the NBA title. The Celtics were hoping Tatum would lead them to a Game 6 victory, but Tatum had an off night as he scored just 13 points on a 6-of-18 shooting.

"This is tough, getting to this point and not accomplishing what we wanted to," Tatum admitted after the NBA Finals loss. "It hurts. You know, we all could have done things better. I feel like I could have done a lot of things better.

But, you know, like we said, we competed, we tried all season, all playoffs."

Tatum devastated after the NBA Finals loss

Tatum had an off night but Jaylen Brown didn't as he scored a team-high 34 points. Unfortunately for the Celtics, Brown's 34 points weren't enough.

After the game, Brown was disappointed but said he feels the Celtics have a bright future. "The future is bright," Brown said. "I always look at adversity as opportunities to shape an individual. For whatever reason, it wasn't our time.

That means we still got a lot to learn. Personally, I still got a lot to learn. For me, it's always about growth. Continuing to get better, continuing to find different ways to lead. That's what it's about. The future is bright. I'm excited to get back next year." Celtics guard Marcus Smart, who finished the game with nine points and nine rebounds, echoed a similar sentiment as Tatum and Brown, stating that the team needs to focus on getting better.

"It's definitely is tough," Marcus Smart said of Boston's 103-90 loss to Golden State. "But it's definitely one of those things we've been through hell to get here, and you take that. You know what I'm saying? We got to use that.

It's going to be tough. That's what I know for myself. I'm viewing it and looking at all the s--- we had to get through to get here just to even get to this situation to have an opportunity."

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