Adam Silver: "Regular season shorter if..."


Adam Silver: "Regular season shorter if..."

NBA commissioner Adam Silver at Yahoo Sports spoke about the future of the NBA. He said: "The fact that teams are increasingly attentive to load management and that players rest often already sends a message. And we will pay attention to it, I want to be sure that the number of games that are played are not just the result of the fact.

we've been doing this for 50 years. But the last thing I want to suggest is that we don't value our current regular season, because it has enormous value. Teams are very interested in competing for the field advantage in the playoffs, and people can't get enough of NBA basketball.

An extra tournament to play during the season, a bit like the league cups in European soccer? If we get there, it won't be something we'll do overnight. The obvious question of players and fans will be What? Why should they think that this novelty has a meaning? My answer is that I understand it, but I believe we can create new traditions, of course, things change over the years." Resistance to the possibility of reducing the season is the decrease in earnings for franchise owners that would result.

A decrease that could be mitigated by the introduction of a mid-season tournament. Silver would therefore like to reduce the current 82 games, while defending the value compared to those he says have lost interest. An interest on which we have already intervened by introducing the play-in, with more teams fighting to the last for a post in the post season and the charm of challenges inside or outside.

Silver's career

Prior to becoming a commissioner, Silver served as the NBA Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer for eight years. In his role, he was instrumental in many of the NBA's accomplishments, including the last three collective bargaining negotiations with the National Basketball Players Association, the development of the WNBA and NBA Development League, the partnership with Turner Broadcasting to manage of the digital assets of the NBA and the creation of NBA China.

Silver also served as president and chief operating officer of NBA Entertainment for eight years, as well as being senior vice president and chief operating officer of NBA Entertainment, chief of staff for the NBA and special assistant to the commissioner.

While at NBA Entertainment, Silver executive produced the IMAX film Michael Jordan to the Max, as well as the documentary Whatever Happened to Micheal Ray? In addition, Silver also worked on the production of Like Mikee of Year of the Yao.