Tyler Herro makes it clear to Heat what role he wants to have next season

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Tyler Herro makes it clear to Heat what role he wants to have next season

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro has made it clear he would like to be a starter next season. Herro enjoyed a good 2021/22 season as this year he was named the NBA Sixth Man of the Year. In 2021/22, Herro averaged 20.7 points, five rebounds and four assists.

"Yeah, for sure," Herro said, per ESPN. "In some way, I would like to start. I think it's my fourth year, so I think I've earned it, and we'll see what happens." Herro is in the line for a big extension but he admitted he is not sure what will happen in the offseason.

"I'm not sure yet, honestly, what's going to happen," Herro said. "We'll see what happens this summer. My agent [Jeff Schwartz] will talk to who he needs to talk to, and we'll see what happens."

Herro didn't play well in the playoffs

In the playoffs, Herro was nowhere near his regular season averages.

However, it should be noted that he hampered by a groin injury. "The playoffs for me were kind of a weird ride," Herro said. "Ups and downs throughout the whole thing, but I think it was a learning curve for me. I think people forget I just turned 22 and it's still only my third playoffs, and as I made a jump this year I continue to get better and I think throughout my career there's gonna, especially early on throughout my career, there's going to be small setbacks where I learn.

"It motivates me, it gets me better and teaches me what I need to work on to get better, and next time I'm in that situation I'll be more prepared and better." Herro returned for the Heat's Game 7 versus the Boston Celtics but logged in just seven minutes.

Herro went scoreless in Game 7 as it was pretty clear that he physically wasn't where he needed to be. "Going into Game 7, I was kind of on the fence whether I should play or not," Herro said. "And I felt like I was healthy enough to play.

Me and [Heat coach Erik Spoelstra] had a good conversation, and he just felt like it was all hands on deck and whether I was going to play or not just depended on how the game was going. But we liked the way that my groin [rehab] was progressing and we thought we'd get Game 7 and I'd be close to 100 percent for Game 1 of the Finals, so just unfortunate the way that the season ended, but I thought I'd be ready to go for Game 1."