Jason Kidd voices frustration after Mavericks blow lead in Game 2 versus Warriors

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Jason Kidd voices frustration after Mavericks blow lead in Game 2 versus Warriors

Jason Kidd voiced frustration after the Dallas Mavericks dropped Game 2 versus the Golden State Warriors as he made it clear he wasn't happy with his players forcing the three ball when it wasn't really working for them.

The Mavericks made 21 of their 45 attempts from beyond the three point line but their three point shot let them down in the third quarter. The Mavericks went just 2-of-13 on threes in the third quarter as the Warriors won what quarter 25-13.

In the fourth quarter, the Mavericks shot better but the Warriors won that quarter 43-32. The Warriors were down by 14 at halftime but claimed a 126-117 win to take a 2-0 lead in the series. "When you go 2-for-13 and you rely on the 3, you can die by the 3," Kidd said, via ESPN.

"And we died in the third quarter by shooting that many 3s and coming up with only two." Jalen Brunson, who made five of his seven three pointers and finished the night with 31 points, suggested the Mavericks can't get down on themselves after a bad third quarter shooting cost them victory in Game 2.

"I mean, we were getting great looks," said Mavs guard Jalen Brunson, who scored 31 points on 11-of-19 shooting, including 5-of-7 from 3-point range. "When we're open, we're going to shoot. We have a lot of guys capable of making shots, knocking shots down.

So I think as long as we're open and shooting the correct shots, making the extra pass, doing the things that we do, we have confidence in everybody, I have confidence in everybody to knock it down."

Kidd: It was time to attack the paint

Once the Mavericks started missing shots from beyond the arc, Kidd thought it was time for them to attack the paint.

Instead, the Mavericks kept shooting and Kidd was irked by that after the game. "If you make [3s], that's great, but you just have to understand, if you miss four in a row, you can't take the fifth," Kidd said.

"You've got to make it. That just puts too much stress on yourself and on your team because, if you're not getting stops on the other end, it turns into a blowout." After the loss, Kidd made an interesting remark - he suggested the Mavericks get sloppy on defense when their offense doesn't work.

"We play defense when we play offense, and we play no defense when we can't score," Kidd said. "That's something that we have to get better at this time of the year."