Andrew Wiggins answers why he seemingly never gets tired

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Andrew Wiggins answers why he seemingly never gets tired

Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins said he doesn't really get tired after doing a bit of everything in Game 1 versus the Dallas Mavericks. Wiggins was the hero for the Warriors in Game 1 as he did an outstanding job on Luka Doncic and also did his part on the offensive end.

On defense, Wiggins was the primary defender on Doncic. On offense, Wiggins scored 19 points and also grabbed five rebounds and dished out three assists. "I feel like I'm still young. I don't really get too tired," Wiggins said, per ESPN.

"I'm locked in. I'm motivated, and when you see it work or I feel like it's helping us play better, it just motivates me to do it more. I'm not tired or nothing. You know, it's adrenaline. I just feel good."

Doncic has been torching defenses throughout the entire playoffs but Wiggins locked him up on Wednesday. After finishing with 20 points on a 6-of-18 shooting, Doncic admitted the Warriors did a great job of stopping him in Game 1.

"They were doing a great job on me, especially in the second half," Doncic said. "But I think I've got to be better. That's on me. As a leader, I've got to be better for the whole group, so that's on me."

Wiggins stopped Doncic

Stopping Doncic is the key for the Warriors and Warriors guard Klay Thompson praised Wiggins for his defense on Doncic. "He was moving them puppies tonight," Klay Thompson said. "That's why he was the No.

1 pick. You can't teach that athleticism. You can't teach that length. You can't teach his timing. I'm just happy the world is getting to see who he really is, and that's an incredible wing player, and he will be like this for the next 10 years."

Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd could do nothing but acknowledge the great defense the Warriors played on Doncic. "They did a really good job, Wiggins picking him up full court. They were box-and-one, went zone. But they did a good job.

Give them credit. Wiggins did a really good job. We understood coming into the series that we were going to see that. We'll go back and look at the video and see what we can do better," Kidd said. The Mavericks were also down in the series versus the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns but in both series recovered and won in the end. Game 2 between the Warriors and Mavericks takes place on Friday.