Chris Paul addresses future after devastating playoff loss

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Chris Paul addresses future after devastating playoff loss

Chris Paul just turned 37 and suffered one of the most devastating losses of his career but he is not ready to walk away from basketball. In Game 7 of the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks series, Paul and his teammates had a rough outing as the Mavericks claimed a 123-90 win in Arizona to progress into the Western Conference Finals.

Paul finished the game with 10 points and four assists but his first field goal came late in the third quarter when it was pretty much clear there was no coming back for the Suns. "You play long enough and you don't win, every time you lose, they're going to say it was your best chance," said Paul after the Suns' 123-90 loss to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals Sunday.

"But I think for me, us, it's we'll be right back next year. I'll tell you that much. "I'm not retiring tomorrow, thank God. Hopefully, I'm healthy coming back. But I'm [going to] keep playing."

Paul takes the responsibility for the loss

After the loss, Suns head coach Monty Williams took the blame for the loss.

Paul rejected that and said he is the the one who should be held accountible foe what happened. "I think we just came out and just didn't have enough," Paul noted. "I think Mont said that's on him, but I think that's on me, as the point guard, the leader of the team.

To come out and make sure you're getting the right shots and all that." The Suns were 2-0 up versus the Milwaukee Bucks in last year's NBA Finals, before losing the series in six games. The Suns were also 2-0 up on the Mavericks before they lost in seven games.

"Right now, everything is such a blur," Paul said. "The season just ended. It's all abrupt." Like Paul, Devin Booker also had a rough night, finishing with just 11 points in his career first Game 7. "It was a good, old-fashioned ass-whooping," Booker said.

"Beginning to end." In their biggest game of the season, the Suns played their worst game of the season. "We basically played our worst game of the season tonight," Suns head coach Williams said. "I talked to them about all year long we've been hearing all the praises, winning all the games and setting records and all that stuff. We've been taking it. Well, tonight you've got to take it [too]. That's a part of manhood."