Kenny Pickett reveals Ben Roethlisberger's message

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Kenny Pickett reveals Ben Roethlisberger's message

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett called team legend Ben Roethlhlisberger "an unbelievable player" and revealed the Steelers legend told him to ask whenever he needs tips or advice. After the 2021 season ended, Roethlisberger called it a career.

In this past NFL draft, the Steelers selected Pickett at No. 20. Pickett was the first quarterback selected in this past NFL draft and the Steelers certainly have high expectations from the 23-year-old quarterback. On Friday, the Steelers kicked off their rookie minicamp and there Pickett spoke highly of Roethlisberger.

"He said he's always there for me if I have any questions or advice," Pickett told the Steelers website. "He's an unbelievable player, Hall of Famer. He's a guy that I'll definitely use as a resource in the coming weeks here."

Pickett getting to know fellow Steelers rookies

"It was great," said Pickett.

"'I'm just trying to learn the guy's names. I really haven't got a chance to meet anybody. We've been in meetings. I want to call guys out to help and stuff and talk and I have no clue who I am talking to." The Steelers had six draft picks in this past NFL draft.

"I would say we're kind of doing a good job of taking this a step at a time, really taking it slow," said Pickett. "It's a walkthrough, but guys really want to run fast. I know everyone's excited to practice, so we'll see how it goes in a couple hours." The Steelers quarterback room now includes Pickett, Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph.

It seems to be an open competition right now and Pickett is determined to put in the hard work and earn a starting spot. "This is what I have to do. I have no shot if I don't know what I'm doing," said Pickett. "I'm really dedicating myself to the playbook and learning every detail I possibly can.

I want to have a smooth practice with these guys and hopefully everyone looks good." Pickett admits there is a lot to learn but he embracing the challenge. "I think it's all mental," said Pickett. "I know what I have to do.

Know the responsibilities of everybody else on the offense. Learn new defenses that are in the NFL. There's a lot that goes into it. I'm excited to dedicate myself to it and obsess over trying to be the best I can be and learning as much as I can."