Jeanie Buss: "About LeBron James and Magic Johnson I say..." Part-2

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Jeanie Buss: "About LeBron James and Magic Johnson I say..." Part-2

In the second part of the interview with Los Angeles Times, Jeanie Buss talked about Lebron James, Magic Johnson and Phil Jackson. She explained: "Magic Johnson? His farewell was a huge surprise, but I appreciate his honesty.

I would never want him to stay doing a job that doesn't make him happy. I just wish it was handled differently. But the Lakers are important to him and he wants them to win, and I trust him. Our relationship has never been so good, I absolutely rely on him.

Phil Jackson? People see us around, but there is nothing romantic. He is a person who knows this environment and knows what challenges there are to face to make the Lakers successful. I know he has no other goal than to see the Lakers win and he is a person I can rely on.

I am collaborative by nature. About Klutch Sports, LeBron James and Anthony Davis’s agency run by Rich Paul, holds within the Lakers, may I say, have the final say on anything? No. Are they running the team? No, not at all.

I am the owner who controls the Los Angeles Lakers, so I am responsible for every decision that is made." Jeanie Buss: "About LeBron James and Magic Johnson I say..." Jeanie added: "It's normal when you have an absolute level player like LeBron, comparing you with them, I think it's the smartest thing to do.

I want him to have faith in the team and put the right pieces around him to win the title. I want him to be happy, and I want to make him happy. There is no reason to believe that we cannot win with the two of them. If there is one thing I have learned from Phil Jackson it is that there is always a way to win: sometimes it can be more difficult than others, but you have to see the path.

I want the fans to be optimistic that we will get the team back on track and that we will be at the level required by the Lakers past. I'm not going anywhere, the team is not for sale. I'm doing what my father asked me: it was important to him that we keep the Lakers in the family.

My dad has his kids, but the Lakers were his baby, and he gave me the responsibility of managing his baby. Now it's my job to make it happen. "

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