Jeanie Buss: "Lakers season? I'll said..." Part-1


Jeanie Buss: "Lakers season? I'll said..." Part-1

During an interview with Los Angeles Times, Jeanie Buss chairwoman of Los Angeles Lakers, talked about the future of the NBA team, by LeBron James, Magic Johnson and Phil Jackson. She said in the first part of the interview: "I'm like my dad and I let the team take center stage, not me.

But I've been too far in the background, people have to understand what's going on. We have the fourth highest payroll in the league, and when you spend so much on luxury tax, you expect to make it far to the playoffs. So it makes me sick to my stomach to go out like that.

I'm not happy and I'm not satisfied. We don't like being out of the playoffs, I understand the anger and frustration of the fans. It is my job to make the situation change. It broke my heart to lose certain matches, last season was extremely disappointing.

We have disappointed our fans and I don't want that to happen again."

Jeanie Buss: "Lakers? I'll said..."

Seh then added: "If we don't live up to the standards that Lakers history sets us, I have a duty to look at everything.

So I'm going to make tough decisions, because that's what I have to do. In terms of basketball decisions, I have complete confidence in our leadership led by Rob Pelinka. He is extremely intelligent, very strategic, everything he does is thought out and has a goal.

I am convinced that he can put together a roster and find a manager who can take us back to where we deserve. I know there has been some unfair criticism of Kurt Rambis. I want to remind people that he has been involved in the NBA for almost 40 years, that he has been part of teams capable of winning both as a player and as an assistant.

He is someone I admire for his knowledge of the game. Linda? His role is the one he has had for almost 40 years, that is, my advisor. We have always worked together, I don't understand why it has become a problem for people now.

His job is to help the players and their families settle in when they move here: every team has such a person. It is not true that suddenly you have become an assistant to the general manager, you do not make basketball decisions."

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