Richard Sherman gives thoughts on Steelers rookie QB Kenny Pickett


Richard Sherman gives thoughts on Steelers rookie QB Kenny Pickett

Former All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman isn't quite confident that Kenny Pickett will have a promising future in the NFL. Pickett drew lots of attention prior to the draft as his hands measured at 8.5 inches at the NFL combine.

During his pro day, Pitts' hands measured at 8.625 inches. Pitts uses gloves for a better grip on the ball and his small hands (for a quarterback standard small hands) are the reason why some aren't too high on the new Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback.

"Do I think he's the quarterback of the future? I don't know. It's hard for me to trust a quarterback who wears gloves all the time. It's just different. It's just different. I just, I have hard time with it," Sherman said, per CBS Sports.

Sherman also praised Pickett

After the 2021 season, long-time Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger called it a career. At No. 20 in the first round, the Steelers selected Pickett, certainly hoping he would one day turn into a franchise quarterback.

"But he slings it. He's effective and we'll see how effective he is in Pittsburgh. They do a great job developing guys," Sherman said. "They haven't had another quarterback under center starting consistently since Ben Roethlisberger.

I mean, Ben's been there for what, 13 years, 14 years, something like that? And so, so that'll be interesting." When Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was asked about Pickett's hand size, he suggested he wasn't particularly concerned by that.

"I potentially was capable of buying into that if I didn't watch him play college football in Pittsburgh, and dealing with the elements that comes with playing in this environment," Tomlin said on The Rich Eisen Show. "You can get into the hand size thing, or you can just look at how he performed in a variety of conditions, and we have those conditions here in Pittsburgh.

So, there's very little speculation from our perspective about how he might handle the ball in inclement weather, wet days, etcetera." Pickett will likely learn under Mitch Trubisky in Year 1 as the Steelers are expected to start Trubisky next season.

The Steelers also have Mason Rudolph on their roster. The Steelers addressed the quarterback position this offseason and Trubisky is happy to succeed Roethlisberger. "I'm excited. There's nothing like coming to an organization with such great history, and especially now great history at the quarterback position," said Trubisky. "What Ben did here over his 18 seasons … without a doubt, a Hall of Famer."