Ime Udoka, Marcus Smart sound off on refs for 'blatant missed call' in Game 3 loss

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Ime Udoka, Marcus Smart sound off on refs for 'blatant missed call' in Game 3 loss

Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka and players were absolutely irate with the officiating following a Game 3 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. Inside the final 10 seconds of the game and with the Celtics down by 3, Jaylen Brown passed the ball to Marcus Smart on the perimeter, who was then slapped by Bucks guard Jrue Holiday.

Smart appeared to be in the process of shooting the ball but the officiating crew called the foul on the floor, giving Smart two instead of three free throws. Smart made the first free-throw to cut the deficit to 2 but then intentionally missed the second as the Celtics tried to secure the rebound and force an overtime that way.

Unfortunately for the Celtics, their two tips didn't go in and the Bucks won 103-101. Al Horford's third tip went in but it was after the final buzzer sounded so it didn't count. "It was a foul. It was a foul.

He caught the ball, he's turning into a shot," Udoka said of Holiday's play on Smart, per ESPN. "Both feet set. You can't say that's a sweep. You're going into a shot. That's a poor call. Poor no-call."

Celtics coach Udoka: Smart should have been awarded three free throws

"I saw it in person but I also saw it on the film that I just went and looked at," Udoka added. "It's a shot. He's going into a shot.

He got fouled on the way up. Bad missed call." After the game, Smart explained that the Celtics needed a three and that he was definitely going for one. "You need three [points] with 4.6 seconds, they know we need three," Smart said.

"We know they are gonna foul. It's not like he got me when it was down low. I was already in my shooting motion. I thought it was gonna be three free throws; they said it wasn't." Smart missed the second free throw and grabbed the rebounds but missed a potential game-tying shot.

"It was perfect. I missed it perfectly," Smart said. "Nobody was ready. Our guys were. I got it. [Milwaukee forward Bobby Portis] pulls my shoulder which throws me off. But I got a good look. I got it on the rim. Like Al said, we had a few chances but it didn't work out for us." The Bucks now lead the Celtics 2-1 in the series.