Stephen Curry reveals how he felt about Draymond Green ejection

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Stephen Curry reveals how he felt about Draymond Green ejection

Stephen Curry said he wasn't a fan of Draymond Green getting ejected from Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies. In the second quarter, Brandon Clarke rised for a dunk and Green made contact with Clarke's head and also grabbed his jersey in the process.

After reviewing the play, the officiating crew upgraded the foul to Flagrant 2 and Green was ejected from the game. Even without Green for the entire second half, the Warriors managed to win as they beat the Grizzlies 117-116 on the road.

"It's a tough call, obviously on the road trying to start to start a series and you get a guy like Draymond headed into the locker room, nobody wants to see that, it's not good for the game," Curry said, per Sky Sports.

"I don't think he deserved that obviously. We got a little emotional rise out of it. Trying to stay locked in and deal with the circumstances and give ourselves a chance to win. We obviously did that in the second half, but yeah, that was a tough one."

Curry didn't his teammates lose focus after the Green ejection

"Whatever way you explain it, whatever emotion you tap into, you just bring it," Curry said.

"When Draymond went out, there's a moment where you are like, all right, what are we going to do about it? How are we going to figure this out? Use halftime to regroup -- and to come out the way that we did, I'm really proud of everybody and their approach to the game.

It was a good vibe out there." After the game, the officiating crew explained why Green was ejected. "The first part was the wind up and significant contact to the face, and then the pull down from the jersey grab and throw down to the floor to an airborne vulnerable player makes that unnecessary and excessive,''Crew Chief Kane Fitzgerald said in a pool report.

After the game, Clarke said he wasn't shocked by what Green did. Clarke suggested that Green is known as a dirty player. "He's been known for flagrant fouls in his career," Clarke said. "I've watched him on TV my whole life, it feels like.

I wasn't really shocked. I don't really like to flop or nothing, but he did hit me pretty hard twice when I saw it again. ... It is not shocking that he did that. Something he has done in the past."

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