Stephen Curry explains similarities between Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies

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Stephen Curry explains similarities between Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies

Stephen Curry says he definitely sees some similarities between the Golden State Warriors from several years ago and the current Memphis Grizzlies team. A decade ago, the Warriors had a promising core that was consisting of Curry, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes.

That team reached the playoffs in 2013 but nobody predicted what would happen next. Between 2015 and 2019, the Warriors made five consecutive NBA Finals. The Warriors won three titles as they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals and to the Toronto Raptors in the 2019 NBA Finals, respectively.

The Warriors, who now have a veteran team consisting of players that were once a promising core, are set to take on the Grizzlies in the Western Conference semifinals. The Grizzlies are led by Ja Morant and they have one of the most promising cores in the NBA.

"I'm still a kid at heart," Curry said, per ESPN. "Youthful spirits."

Curry sees some similarities

The Grizzlies finished the regular season as the No. 2 seed. They have proved capable of playing on a high level in the regular season but now they need to take that extra step and do it in the postseason.

"In terms of having the young core, and trying to make that next step, winning a playoff series ... we were right in that window," Curry said. "We were having some success, but not quite getting the job done."

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr says his guys certainly won't be taking the young Grizzlies for granted. "They've built a foundation over the last few years through player development, through really smart drafting, investment, and they are really well coached," Kerr said.

"If you paid attention, you could see what was happening through their player development. Ja, right away was great, but has gotten a lot better. Most Improved Player this year. You get guys like [Dillon] Brooks and [Brandon] Clarke who are young players who have grown by leaps and bounds.

I just really admire what Memphis has done, organizationally." The Warriors now have one of the most experienced teams in the NBA but it took them time before they gained the much-needed experience. "All throughout those three years, we learned a lot about ourselves," Curry said.

"And I'm sure that's what they're going through. We don't want them to learn too much, though."