Lakers' LeBron James: No jealousy between me and Anthony Davis

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Lakers' LeBron James: No jealousy between me and Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James insists there is absolutely no jealousy between him and Anthony Davis and that's really showing on the court. James, who signed with the Lakers in the summer of 2018, wanted Davis and the team traded for the big man last offseason.

The James and Davis duo has been an instant success for the Lakers, who are now playing against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. "We're not jealous of each other. I think that's the best thing," James said of his relationship with Davis, per ESPN.

"In professional sports, you have guys that join forces -- you can call them alpha males. That's what they call them. Two guys that have been dominant in a specific sport on their own respective teams, and they get together and they talk about how dominant they can be and they talk about this is going to be this and that.

I believe jealousy creeps in a lot. And that is the absolute contrary of what we are. "We know who we are. We know what we're about. We want the best, seriously, every single day, both on and off the floor, for one another.

We're just not jealous of one another. I think that you align that with respect, I think the sky's the limit."

Davis also claims there is no jealousy between him and James

"I'm not jealous of him, he's not jealous of me.

I think it shows on the court," Davis said. "Obviously, that can always creep in when you've got, like you said, two alpha males on the same team. But I think when you've got two guys who are very selfless and want to win as bad as both of us want to, the rest of it goes away and just takes care of itself.

Jealousy has never been a thing on our team from anyone." James is a three-time NBA champion, while Davis is aiming to lift his maiden NBA title. Davis says he has no problems when James holds him accountable but underlines the three-time NBA champion is also all good when hold accountable.

"We hold each other accountable. When we watch film or even during the course of a game, if I did something wrong, he tells me. If he does something wrong, I tell him," Davis said. "I think that's what makes it work, knowing that we trust one another to make reads, to make calls. We're able to talk to one another."