Russell Westbrook addresses future after Lakers' playoff elimination

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Russell Westbrook addresses future after Lakers' playoff elimination

Los Angeles Lakers star guard Russell Westbrook has expressed hope that he would like to see this Lakers group get another chance. The Lakers, who went all in last summer and acquired Westbrook in a big trade with the Washington Wizards, entered the season among top contenders for the title.

The Lakers were expected to contend for the title but instead they failed to even make the play-in tournament. With their 121-110 loss to the Phoenix Suns and the San Antonio Spurs' win over the Denver Nuggets, the Lakers were officially eliminated from the playoffs contention.

The Lakers now own a 31-48 record and they have three more games left to play before their disappointing season officially ends. After the game, Westbrook was asked about the team's future and whether he would like to return to the team next year.

"I mean, that's the plan. But nothing is promised," Westbrook said, per ESPN. "Yes, we want to be able to see what that looks like, what that entails over the course of an 82-game season. But we're not sure if that's guaranteed, either.

So I just hope that we have a chance to be able to do something."

Westbrook, LeBron James and Anthony Davis didn't play much together

The Lakers' Big Three of Westbrook, James and Davis has appeared in only 21 games this season.

In those 21 games in which all of the three stars played, the Lakers went 11-10. The Lakers have had lots of problems with injuries throughout the whole season and this year they have had 39 different starting lineups. "This year, we had more starting lineups than wins," Davis said.

Davis, who helped the Lakers win a championship two years ago, noted the team's goal for this season was to win it all. "Our goal was to win a championship," Davis said. "Feel like we had the pieces, but injuries got in the way of that.

And that was the difference in the season. I think even though we lost games where all of us was on the floor -- me, Bron, Russ -- I think we're three great players, but we would have figured it out if we logged more minutes together.

But we weren't able to do that, which makes it tough to be able to compete for a championship when your three best players haven't logged enough minutes together."