Kevin Durant answers whether he is concerned about Nets' position on standings

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Kevin Durant answers whether he is concerned about Nets' position on standings

Kevin Durant has made it clear that he will be ready for whoever the Brooklyn Nets face in the play-in and potentially playoffs. In order to secure a playoff spot, the Nets will first have to go through the play-in tournament.

The Nets are currently 10th on the Eastern Conference standings but they still have a chance to climb up a few spots and put themselves in a bit better position. "Who cares?" Durant said when asked whether he has looked at the standings, per ESPN.

"Whoever we play, we play. I don't care who we play. I don't care that we're in the play-in. Just tip the ball up, see what happens. That's all you can control. It's too stressful thinking about we're trying to dodge a team, lining up, just play the game.

We'll see what happens."

Durant on what changed the Nets' season

After durant went down with an MCL injury in January, the Nets went on a rough stretch and at one point even lost 11 consecutive games. "To be honest, I feel like our season was derailed by my injury," Durant claimed.

"So I'm not looking at it like we're just not a good basketball team. It's like there wasn't a lot of continuity with me and Kyrie [Irving] out of the lineup, that's just what it is. When we're all on the floor together, I like what we got." The Nets were viewed as top contender at the start of the season.

The Nets has gone through a lot this season but Durant is ready to put it all behind them as he hopes his team delivers when it matters the most - in the postseason. "You can talk about expectations and what you see this team on paper -- I always said this, but every day matters," Durant said.

"You want to be a champion every second that you step on the floor, not just when we play a good team or the playoffs coming up. I think being a champion is in the habits and the work ethic, the care that you have for the game.

It's a lot of champions out here that never won a ring, but they approach their work that way. "So that's how I felt our team needed to approach this season, and guys have, but some stuff that's out of individuals' control is the reason why we're in certain positions. So that doesn't stop you from having the championship mentality every day as an individual."

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