Shaquille O'Neal explains what Los Angeles Lakers need to do in offseason

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Shaquille O'Neal explains what Los Angeles Lakers need to do in offseason

Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O'Neal thinks the Lakers should get rid of everyone except LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The Lakers entered the season with championship aspirations but if the playoffs started today they wouldn't even be in the play-in tournament.

On Sunday, the Lakers suffered a sixth consecutive defeat as the Denver Nuggets handed them a 129-118 loss. The Lakers now own a disappointing 31-47 record. “We got to get rid of the expiring contracts, we got to get rid of the projects that didn’t work and we got to try to get younger and more athletic around LeBron,” O'Neal said, per Talk Basket.

“Because paper wise when everybody did the deals ‘Ooh Westbrook, ooh this that.’ Age is a factor. AD was hurt all year. I think he played last May. Got to keep him healthy. Still keep LeBron and AD and make moves for everybody else”.

O'Neal won three titles with the Lakers

The Lakers are a historic franchise and the expectations are always high for the franchise. After the Nuggets loss, Davis pondered what could have been had the Lakers' trio of him, James and Russell Westbrook stayed healthy all year.

"I think the biggest thing that I think about personally is what we could have been, had we stayed healthy all year," said Davis, who has missed 39 of L.A.' s 78 games because of various injuries. "What could we have been.

... Guys feel like, 'OK, what could we have been if I was healthy all year, [LeBron James] was healthy, [Kendrick] Nunn was healthy.' You think about those things. We put this team together and it looked good on paper, but we haven't had a chance to reach that potential with guys in and out of the lineup.

"So the most frustrating part of this season is not being sure of what we could have been." After the latest loss, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel opened up. "It sucks," Vogel said. "Sucks telling these guys after every game, 'I'm proud of you.

Good effort. We lost.' So, it's not fun, but it could be worse. It's easy to unravel. Our group has stayed together. They're putting up the good fight. Their attitude has been wonderful, in terms of just working together to get this thing right. And it's just disappointing to come in to keep saying we fell short."