Kyrie Irving answers how he wants his vaccine stance to be remembered

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Kyrie Irving answers how he wants his vaccine stance to be remembered

Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving feels he is fighting for something much bigger than basketball as he has stated that he is standing up for more people than just himself. Last week, Irving won a part of his battle when New York City Mayor Eric Adams lifted vaccine mandate for pro athletes.

Irving, who made his Nets home debut on Sunday, was asked after the Charlotte Hornets game how he wanted his vaccine stance to be remembered. "I made it very clear it was never just about me," Irving said, per ESPN.

"I think for my own legacy, that's to be written by all those that I impact and all those that impact me, and it's far bigger than just a basketball game. But when I'm in this locker room, I get a chance to perform with a bunch of guys that are selfless and are sacrificing just as much as I am.

It makes it worthwhile. ... "The point of this season for me was never to just take a stand. It was really to make sure that I'm standing on what I believe in, in freedom. Freedom. I don't think that's a word that gets defined enough in our society.

About the freedom to make choices with your life without someone telling you what the f--- to do."

Irving feels he has been "discriminated against'

Irving gave a passionate two minute answer when asked how he wanted to be remembered and he underlined he will always stand and fight for freedom.

"I'm standing for freedom," Irving said. "So that's in all facets of my life. There's nobody that's enslaving me, there's nobody that's telling me what I'm going to do with my life, and that's just the way I am.

If I get tarnished in terms of my image and people try to slander my name continuously, those aren't things that I forget. I haven't forgotten anything that anybody said. I don't read everything, but I definitely read some things that put my family's name in a certain position that I believe are unfair.

"I've been discriminated against. People have said things that have been biased. They've gone against their own morals. And where we're living today, I have such a strong moral code of just being honest, being truthful, following God's guidance and just living with the results. But in terms of that, I'm a servant. I'm comfortable being in that position."