Miami Dolphins' Terron Armstead shares his thoughts on Tyreek Hill's game

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Miami Dolphins' Terron Armstead shares his thoughts on Tyreek Hill's game

New Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Terron Armstead is hoping he and Tyreek Hill can help the franchise reach their previous heights and win a Super Bowl again. Armstead, a three-time Pro Bowl, revealed he was interested in playing for their Dolphins because of their new head coach Mike McDaniel.

After spending his first eight years in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints, Armstead decided to take his talents to Miami as he signed a five-year, $87.5 million contract. "(McDaniel) understands us more than a few others.

It's a tough job, it's a tough position," Armstead said, per ESPN. "It's a thankless position, we're asked to go and create and you don't necessarily get to celebrate or the rewards. It takes a unique group of individuals to do that over and over ...

Mike likes to put offensive linemen in position to be successful, use your strengths and abilities, which was another factor of me signing with Miami. The offensive scheme and the fit, I think, is perfect for what I do best -- be explosive and physical and get out and run."

Armstead: Hill the most dynamic player in the NFL

The Dolphins gave up five draft picks in order to land Hill and Armstead is happy he can call the the three-time First-team All-Pro wide receiver a teammate. "Come on now -- the most dynamic player in the league.

Always been a fan of his game, just watching," Armstead said. "Now having him be a part of this offense, I think we're building something special. Him paired with (Jaylen) Waddle, (Raheem) Mostert, the speed and then the speed of us on the offensive line -- we're going to try to turn Sundays into a track meet.

But a physical track meet, let's not overshadow that, at all." On the other side, Hill is hoping his and Armstead's postseason experience will help the Dolphins when they hopefully reach the playoffs. "Once you go to the playoffs, the game is definitely at a different speed -- you've got to play at a different level," Hill said.

"Just having us two guys who have experienced it means a lot for these younger guys. Because some guys may look at it as another opportunity to play the game. But guys hit harder, guys run faster ... It's just crazy how the game speed changes." The Dolphins missed out on the playoffs last season and they will certainly enter the new season with high ambitions.