Erik Spoelstra jokes when asked about Jimmy Butler - Udonis Haslem altercation

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Erik Spoelstra jokes when asked about Jimmy Butler - Udonis Haslem altercation

Udonis Haslem, Jimmy Butler and Erik Spoelstra all lost their tempers during the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors game but head coach Spoelstra joked about the situation after the game. The cameras caught Haslem and Butler yelling at each other as Haslem could have been heard threatening Butler to beat his a--.

The Heat went on to lose the game to the short-handed Warriors as the visitors claimed a 118-104 win in Miami. “Everybody was wondering where the dinner plans were tonight after the game,” Spoelstra joked when asked about what happened during the altercation.

“It was pretty clear. We have a very competitive, gnarly group and we were getting our asses kicked. Two straight games, we’re not playing to the level we want to play and I would say virtually every single person in that huddle was pretty animated about our disappointment in how we were playing”.

Kyle Lowry downplays the Haslem and Butler incident

"Listen, our guys really want to win basketball games and we have guys that work extremely hard," Lowry said. "The passion comes out. The fire and the emotions come out sometimes.

But like I said, to us it's nothing. We conversated and had a conversation and we continue to build." Coach Spoelstra insisted what happened won't impact the team long-term as they have much more important things to focus on.

The Miami Heat own the No. 1 place on the Eastern Conference standings with a 47-25 record. The Heat, who made the NBA Finals two years ago, want to return to the finals this year. "We have bigger things to accomplish," Spoelstra said.

"But we do want to play better. Everything else across the board. It starts with our leadership, our veteran players have to lead and then we just have to play better. We got to play more consistently, and that's really all the discussions were.

I know how it could look on the outside, but as I mentioned before, that is more our language than playing without passion or without toughness or without multiple efforts. "You can use moments during the season to catapult you.

You can galvanize together over frustration and disappointment. Teams can also go the other way. I don't see that with our group. I don't see that with our locker room. But we have needed a kick in the butt."