Los Angeles Lakers' Russell Westbrook sends message to critics

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Los Angeles Lakers' Russell Westbrook sends message to critics

Russell Westbrook says he absolutely loves proving the doubters wrong and he is determined to help the Los Angeles Lakers win it all this season. The Lakers have played below expectations for the majority of this season but on Monday they delivered a great performance to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers on the road 131-120.

Westbrook delivered a strong performance as he scored 20 points and dished out 11 assists. “I live for adversity and negativity from people that outside in just constantly talking because nothing better than shutting people up,” Westbrook said after the game, per TalkBasket.

“It’s nothing better than sitting back and watching people just be quiet and not talk when you kind of try to figure it out. And I think that’s something our group realizes that we know that outside people are doubting what we’re able to do.

“Internally we are, like I said, super confident in our abilities to be able to score and defend at a high level when we do well just not much teams can do”.

Westbrook and Co. not giving up on the season

LeBron James, who dropped a game-high 38 points, says he is not bothered about the negative stuff that has been writen about the Lakers.

"Because I couldn't care less what the narrative about our team is," James said. "At my point in my career, I don't get involved in that stuff. I don't read about it, I don't hear it too much.

... None of that stuff matters to me, I'm having a blast playing the game of basketball." After the Cavaliers game, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel gave credit to James for not allowing the team to quit. "This is a league that when things don't go the right way, it's not a pleasant thing to be around," Vogel said.

"This team has not let go of the rope and the biggest, No. 1 reason is because of how he's played and how he's led and what he represents in terms of having confidence about where we can ultimately get to."

Meanwhile. DJ Augustin is confident the Lakers can win the championship. "Internally, we feel like we're a great team and we can do something special," Augustin said. "Make a run. Get into the playoffs. And make a run in the playoffs. And as long as we believe in each other, it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks."