Kevin Durant comments on Kyrie Irving's vaccine stance

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Kevin Durant comments on Kyrie Irving's vaccine stance

Kevin Durant said that Kyrie Irving is "frustrated" that he can't home games at Barclays Center but added the whole team is hoping the issue gets resolved and Irving soon gets to play home games. The New York City has lifted some of its vaccine restrictions and Irving is now allowed to attend home games.

However, he is still not allowed to play in home games. "He's frustrated in not being able to play," Durant said after the Monday shootaround, per the ABC News. "He figured this stuff would be rolled back by now, we'd be way past this.

But it's the situation we're in, we got to deal with it, he's got to deal with it. Trusting that it'll get figured out there soon. I have no clue what may happen, but I'm just trusting that things will work itself out.

But I'm sure he misses playing in front of a home crowd and the home crowd, vice versa, they miss him. So hopefully we get it figured out soon."

Durant on Irving's vaccine stane

Durant doesn't think irving will now change his mind and take the COVID-19 vaccine but added that he respects Irving's choice.

"I mean, what is it, April almost?" Durant said. "It's pretty obvious that he's not going to take the shot. So like I said, just focus on who you are and what you bring to the team every day and once that situation gets figured out, then it will.

It's out of my control, it's out of everybody else's control. So you can't force anybody to do anything. So just try to just focus on me." James Harden was reportedly frustrated with Irving's part-time status before he was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.

However, Durant and the rest of his teammates have no problems with Irving's vaccine stance. "We love Kyrie as a human being," Durant said. "I don't think we were ever upset at him as much as people on the outside were.

We get that it may affect the outcome of some basketball games, but that's not the only reason why we love Kyrie as a person because what he can bring to the court. I think overall him as a human being, we respect who he is, we respect the game on top of that."