LeBron James answery why Los Angeles Lakers have been unable to close out games

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LeBron James answery why Los Angeles Lakers have been unable to close out games

Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James admitted the inconsistency has been killing the Lakers this year. On Saturday night, the Lakers suffered another disappointing defeat as the Washington Wizards defeated the Lakers 127-119.

The Lakers entered the fourth quarter with a solid lead but the Wizards won the final quarter 34-20 to overturn the deficit and clinch victory. After the game, James was asked why the Lakers have been unable to close out games this season.

“Because we just haven’t been consistent all year," James said, per Talk Basket.

James made history

James dropped 38 points and passed Karl Malone at No. 2 on the NBA all-time scoring list. "Just to be part of this league the many years I've been a part of it and being linked to some of the greatest who've ever played this game and guys I've ever watched or studied or read about or aspired to be like ...

I'm just always lost for words for it," James said. "It's an honor for myself, for my hometown, for my family and friends to be able to live these moments throughout this journey. And that's exactly who I do it for."

Carmelo Anthony, who sits at No. 9 on the all-time scoring list, admitted he thought no one would ever pass Malone. "I'm still in awe to be alongside him while he's still doing what he's doing at a high level," Anthony said.

"Especially coming from somebody who was not, you know, 'known' for, as they say, scoring. Now to have the chance to be the No. 1 all-time scorer in the history of the NBA, somebody who been doing it for 19 seasons at an all-time high, and somebody who just embraced the moment.

He's been doing that his whole career." "When I was younger, I used to think, 'Ain't nobody catching Karl Malone. Nobody catching Kareem.' " James now 36,947 points, while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar still holds the top spot with 38,387 points.

"I will not allow myself to think about it," James said. "I've always just played the game the way I've been playing it over the years, and these things have just happened organically by just going out and just playing the game the right way. Trying to win every game, playing the right way, playing for your teammates and things of that nature."