LeBron James reflects on Russell Westbrook's clutch shot versus Toronto Raptors

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LeBron James reflects on Russell Westbrook's clutch shot versus Toronto Raptors

LeBron James was impressed by the sequence Russell Westbrook pulled off late in the fourth quarter against the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors had the ball and a three-point lead when Westbrook stole an inbounds pass, drove down the court and pulled off a three-pointer.

The shot went in and the Lakers forced an overtime, in which they completed a 128-123 comeback win over the Raptors. "I was actually looking at his feet when he was getting close to the 3-point line," James said of Westbrook's big shot.

"And saw him step on the 3-point line and then slide his foot back before he released it. "Big-time IQ there on his part and a big-time shot by a big-time player."

A confidence boost for Westbrook

Westbrook hasn't had many big shots this year and after the game he was asked how he has been able to block out all the criticism he has received for missed shots this year.

Westbrook had a triple-double against the Raptors as he finished with 22 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. "Um, I got 23,000 points," Westbrook said. "How about that?" Westbrook acknowledged that he will never stop believing in himself and his ability.

"Throughout this whole process, throughout the year, ups and downs, the good and the bad, I lean so much on my faith," Westbrook said. "And it's very important that I stay faithful and truthful to that because eventually it will all workout and nights like tonight was the reason why I stay just true to my faith."

Westbrook badly needed a big-time performance as just a day earlier former NBA player and current analyst said the Lakers were becoming a "Russell Westbrook reality show." “What LA has done they’ve turned this into Russell live Westbrook reality show,” Williams said on Keyshawn JWill & Max.

“That’s what this is becoming. As much as I love Russ, it’s fine for him to sit up there and clap back at Karl-Anthony Towns or Patrick Beverley for making fun of him airballing the shot. “They were down early in the first quarter like they’ve always been.

They didn’t show any fight, any sense of urgency. And you can clap back at them by saying ‘Yeah none of these guys have done anything’ because you have been a former MVP. “But damn, your play on the court speaks exponentially louder than the words you can ever speak at a post-presser about what you did a long time ago.

What are you doing now? Right now Minnesota is in the playoffs. They’re fighting for a six or seven seed. You guys we’re not sure you’re gonna make the play-in tournament”.