Luka Doncic compared the NBA to European basketball: It is easier to score in the NBA

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Luka Doncic compared the NBA to European basketball: It is easier to score in the NBA

Basketball in the Euroleague is more team, more attention is paid to tactics and you have less time ", said the Slovenian national team player Luka Dončić is playing another fantastic season in the NBA. Many also rank him among the main candidates for MVP recognition, and he has not been slowed down by numerous changes in Dallas.

He dominated Europe at a very young age, continued in the same rhythm in the NBA, so he is the right man to answer the question - where is it easier to score points? Luka confirms once again - in the NBA. Far from not playing defense in the strongest league in the world, which is a logical conclusion due to a large number of points, he would not be called the best if the defensive approach was not at the highest level.

The fact is, however, that the limits for baskets in the NBA are far ahead of the European ones, but also that the games last longer. Doncic cites time, excess space, and different rules as the main differences between the NBA and the Euroleague.

At the age of 13, he went to Real Madrid, at the age of 16 he became part of the first team, at the age of 19 he was named the most useful player in the Euroleague. He reached the strongest competition on the planet as the third pick in the draft, there were doubts that he would not be able to play at the level of the Old Continent and that he would need time to get used to it.

Doncic on Europe basketball vs NBA: Differences

Whoever thought so was grossly deceived, he immediately received the Rookie of the Year award and less than four years later he is one of the best players in the league. He really is an extraordinary talent, which is confirmed by the fact that many did not manage to continue to excel across the pond after leaving Europe.

That is why, in the podcast of the former NBA player JJ Redick, he spoke about the ease with which he scored and still scores points in the two best basketball competitions in the world, but also about the differences. "Basketball in the Euroleague is more team, you pay more attention to tactics and you have less time.

In the NBA it's harder because there are a lot of players that are impossible to follow. I must say, however, that it's easier to give points in the NBA because of different rules. Achieving 30 points in a Euroleague game is harder than in the NBA, no doubt. The Slovenian is one of the best players and a lot is expected of him in the coming seasons. Let's see...