Mercedes: We are significantly behind Ferrari and Red Bull

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Mercedes: We are significantly behind Ferrari and Red Bull

Mercedes racing boss Andrew Shovlin says their team is significantly behind their main competitors on the Sakhir track, adding that they have yet to solve the problem of bouncing cars. The Silver Arrows continue with a worse release, dragging on from pre-season testing, even after the first day of the racing weekend in Bahrain.

George Russell is the best-placed driver of Mercedes. The younger Briton set the 4th fastest time in the qualification simulations, but the lag behind the fastest (Verstappen) was six tenths. On the other hand, the seven-time world champion fared even worse.

Hamilton placed 9th, with a gap of over 1.2 seconds. In addition, the older British driver had clearly visible problems with bouncing his car, and Mercedes also tested the new flooring, which did not bring the progress they thought they would have.

The racing boss of the German team knows they have problems that were clearly expressed. Ä‘ Shovlin adds that they have a significant lag in pace behind Ferrari and Red Bull, who took the top three positions on the first day of the race weekend at the Sakhir track.

"In terms of pace, we are significantly behind Ferrari and Red Bull, especially behind Max (Verstappen) in the race simulation," says Shovlin. "There is some relative progress that we would be able to make overnight, but we will not find more than a few tenths." Andrew adds that it is very important for them to continue learning because they claim that they did not understand solving the jumping of their car, something that other teams understood.

He says that they lack the pace and that they will have some difficult days to continue experimenting. "It's more important that we keep learning because we don't seem to understand jumping as well as some others (teams), and we may be missing a bit of pace for the car," he added.

"So we expect some tough days when we have to focus on limiting the damage, but also keep experimenting to see if we can find a better place to drive a W13 car," Shovlin concluded.

Schumacher on the car

Haas F1 team leader Mick Schumacher says he is very pleased with the way his car behaves at the opening of the season in Bahrain, while Steiner and Magnussen agree.

"The weekend could not have started better. We made progress with the settings at the right time. Now it's all about the nuances in the settings, "explains Schumacher. "The car also works great when it comes to endurance, which gives us courage for Sunday.

I know that we had only the second free practice today, but it feels good to be among the top ten, "he added.

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