Kendrick Perkins has no empathy for Los Angeles Lakers

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Kendrick Perkins has no empathy for Los Angeles Lakers

Former NBA player and current NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins didn't have much sympathy for the Los Angeles Lakers and for how they were treated in Minnesota. Minnesota Timberwolwes players and fans trash-talked the Lakers pretty much throughout the whole game and ended up claiming a 124-104 win.

The Timberwolwes took it to the Lakers from the start and the team from Los Angeles had no answer. “If you feel disrespected or if you feel like somebody is clowning, you do something about it,” Perkins said on ESPN's First Take.

“I’m gonna give you an example. When I was in Boston, we hayed the Cavaliers and how Bron used to pose for pictures before games and do their little handshakes and do they snapshots. You know what Bron said? He said in the media ‘If you don’t like what we doing, do something about it!’.

“When we saw them in the playoffs guess what, we did something about it. That’s how you handle it between those lines”.

Lakers addressed the Timberwolwes trash talk

Russell Westbrook was called "trash" by Patrick Beverley and Karl-Anthony Towns mocked him after he air-balled a three-pointer late in the game.

"I honestly don't pay no mind to it," Westbrook said of the Wolves talking smack. "Maybe the other guys [do]. But they weren't talking to me. They were talking to individual guys particularly, but the trash talking doesn't bother me none.

"Nobody over there has done anything in this league that would make me pick my eyes up, like, 'Oh, they're talking mess. Let me
respond.' No. It's fine. They're good. They won the game. Happy for them. Move onto the next one."

After reading Westbrook's comments, Beverley responded on Twitter. "Playoffs every year," Beverley wrote while retweeting Westbrook's answer. "2 western conference finals with 2 different Teams individual stats or team stats? I thought it was a team sport??" The Lakers, who were viewed as a top contender before the start of the year, are having a disappointing season and no wonder teams are fired up when they play them.

"I've been in this league long enough to realize it's is a front-running league," Lakers guard Wayne Ellington said when asked if he is surprised teams are talking trash to the Lakers. "When you're up, everything is going great.

When you're down, they'll kick you. "So right now, we have been getting kicked and teams have been enjoying it. It all comes back around full circle."