Nets' Kevin Durant hits out at NYC's 'ridiculous' vaccine mandate


Nets' Kevin Durant hits out at NYC's 'ridiculous' vaccine mandate

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant delivered a big performance to lead the Nets to a victory over the New York Knicks and afterward had a message for New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Durant made 19-of-37 of his shots from the field and knocked down 11-of-12 free throws en route to scoring 53 points in a 110-107 victory over the Knicks.

Durant made a key three-pointer with a minute left in the game and also knocked down four free throws inside the final minute. "You feel kind of at ease knowing that you can affect so many different plays and different areas of the game with my skill set," Durant said, per ESPN.

"I can affect my teammates and how they approach the game with my skill set about the big picture and seeing -- I know I work on my game and I got to this point as an individual player, but I'm at a point in my career it's like, 'All right, how can I impact everybody out here? How can I make the other coaches think about their game plan?' "So I feel like I up the level of everybody out on the floor, and that's a good feeling to have."

Durant wants Kyrie Irving at Barclays Center

Irving was allowed to be in the stands at Barclays Center but he is still not allowed to play due to the city's vaccine mandate.

Durant thinks it's "ridiculous" that Irving can attend home games but can't play. Also, unvaccinated players from opposing teams are allowed to play at Barclays Center. "It's ridiculous," Durant said. "I don't understand it at all.

There's a few people in our arena that's unvaxxed, right? They lifted all of that in our arena, right? So I don't get it ... I don't get it. It just feels like at this point now, somebody's trying to make a statement or a point to flex their authority.

But everybody out here is looking for attention and that's what I feel like the mayor wants right now, is some attention. But he'll figure it out soon. He better. "But it just didn't make any sense. There's unvaxxed people in this building already.

We got a guy who can come in the building, I guess, are they fearing our safety? I don't get it. We're all confused. Pretty much everybody in the world is confused at this point. Early on in the season people didn't understand what was going on, but now it just looks stupid. So hopefully, Eric, you got to figure this out."

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