Bulls' Zach Lavine: I want to be great and Billy Donovan is the right coach for me

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Bulls' Zach Lavine: I want to be great and Billy Donovan is the right coach for me

hicago Bulls star Zach LaVine, 25, is excited about the addition of coach Billy Donovan to the team as he believes the new coach could help him achieve his full potential. Donovan, who recently split with the Oklahoma City Thunder after five seasons together, didn't wait for too long to find a new team as the Bulls immediately contacted him when he became available.

This season, LaVine averaged a team-high 25.5 points per game and he is the integral part of Bulls future. "For people like me, especially, when you want to be great, you want to be coached extremely well, too," LaVine said, per ESPN.

"So, I'm happy. I gave him a text right when I heard the news and I told him, 'I'm ready to get after it and I'm just extremely excited.' " The Bulls won all of their six NBA championships during the Michael Jordan era.

Donovan hopes he will help the Bulls get back to their winning days. "The history. The organization. What the Bulls have meant to the game of basketball and to basketball worldwide," Donovan said, per ESPN. "I mean, it's an iconic franchise, and certainly to be a part of trying to help build it back up was certainly very, very appealing and exciting.

I know it's going to take a lot of work."

Donovan has nothing but good say of the Thunder

Donovan may be a former member of the Thunder but he still has nothing but good words and respect for his former team. "I'd like to keep my conversations in Oklahoma there.

I've got great respect for everybody there. I think those were things that were put out there about how I felt about a rebuild or not a rebuild, or I was looking for a ready-made team -- that was really never ever about it for me," Donovan said.

"It was a lot more important for me, knowing my time had ended there, what was going to be the environment and the situation going forward. "I've never ever really talked about that at all. I do feel like Oklahoma City was incredibly open and honest with me, and we talked extensively, and I really appreciate that from the organization, and from [GM] Sam [Presti], and I really, really enjoyed the group of players that I worked with all five years.

"But I think those conversations probably need to stay where they are, and I've got very positive feelings there, but going forward it was about what I was looking for. We've got work ahead of us here in Chicago, there's no question about that. I'm excited about that and look forward to that."