Philadelphia 76ers' James Harden reflects on poor performance versus Brooklyn Nets

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Philadelphia 76ers' James Harden reflects on poor performance versus Brooklyn Nets

Philadelphia 76ers star guard James Harden took the resposibility for his poor performance on Thursday night and vowed to bounce back in the next games. Harden shot just 3-for-17 from the field as he finished with 11 points and four turnovers in a bad 129-100 loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

“Just miss shots,” said Harden. “There’s no excuses. I gotta be better individually. Some turnovers were just careless. Individually, I gotta be better and as a team, I’ll watch film to see where can we be better and we’ll just continue to improve.

This is only our sixth game together as a unit. I’m still trying to figure things out”.

Kyrie Irving locked up Harden

It was the first meeting between the 76ers and the Nets since the major trade between them went down at the trade deadline.

Harden, who reportedly wasn't happy with Irving during his time in Brooklyn, couldn't do much while being guarded by Irving on Thursday night. "Just taking the assignment," Irving said of his defense on Harden.

"And doing what I could to make it tough on him. Obviously, James is not always going to shoot like that. But I just wanted to make it tough, get in his airspace, commit to really being in the right positions often ... taking the challenge.

"That's fun as a competitor. I always say I relish in those moments and I'm grateful I get a chance to go against other great players. And really go at them and they go at me." Harden wanted a big game against the Nets but the Nets delivered a strong performance for Ben Simmons.

"I think playing for Ben and the night meaning something to Ben and not only Ben, but 'Dre, Seth," Irving said. "When you get traded in this league, it's not easy to deal with. And you pick up your stuff that you've made a home out of; you're in one city and then you have to transfer to another city, it's not always easy, so we've tried to welcome him in with open arms.

"So when we played tonight, we definitely felt like Ben was on our heart. You could see it, he was wearing it, and we just wanted to go out there and play for him and play well. ... If you come at Ben, you come at us. You come at anyone else on our team, you come at all of us, and that's the mentality."