Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James makes history with monstrous performance

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Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James makes history with monstrous performance

LeBron James took the Los Angeles Lakers on his back on Saturday night and led them a 124-116 comeback win over the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors were up by 12 at one point in the third quarter but James dropped 56 points as the Lakers overturn the deficit to beat the Warriors and end their four-game losing streak.

"Our guys were following me off the floor tonight going into the locker room and they asked me, 'How does it feel to score 56?'" James said. "I said, 'Right now, I don't give a damn about the 56.

I'm just happy we got a win.' That's just literally the first thing that came to my mind." The Lakers haven't been playing well lately and they entered the game desperate to end their losing streak. After the Lakers went down by 12 in the third quarter, it appeared that the game was slipping away from them.

"For us to get a win like this in front of our home fans, they deserve it," James said. "We haven't been playing like much of anything as of late, so it was good to get a win in front of them."

James makes history

James also grabbed 10 rebounds and he became the older player to record a 55-point and 10-rebound performance.

James is 37 but still playing at a high level. "You got to be able to adjust, man," James said. "And if you cannot have a growth mindset on how you can find ways to get better with the team, then you'll get left behind.

I'm not saying I've changed my game in any way. I've always just wanted to have a game that fits any style of play or any era. I feel like my game would fit any era in basketball history from the time that the great James Naismith created it."

On the other side, Stephen Curry dropped 30 but it wasn't enough as the Warriors lost their fourth consecutive game. "We cannot give in to this losing mentality," Curry said. "We're not that team, and I'm not going to let us be that team.

... We cannot give in to this losing spirit of just finding different ways to lose basketball games. "We have 18 games left, we have to figure out how to turn things around pretty quick."