Lakers' Russell Westbrook in danger of getting benched

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Lakers' Russell Westbrook in danger of getting benched

Russell Westbrook has admitted that he is still trying to figure out his role with the Los Angeles Lakers as he is danger of losing his starting point guard spot. The Lakers hit a new on Thursday night as the Los Angeles Clippers earned a 132-111 win to complete a season sweep of the Lakers.

It was another disappointing night for Westbrook and company, who now stand at 26-35. Westbrook scored 17 points and grabbed eight rebounds in a loss to the Clippers. "My role and what I'm doing has changed every single night," Westbrook said, per ESPN.

"So I'm just trying to figure that out as I'm playing and to be able to benefit and help my team." He added: "But my expectations are still the same. I'm not a quitter. It's not in my genes. I don't quit, regardless of what the hell is going on.

I'm going to fight to the end, and if it don't work, that's cool, too. I can live with the results. But I'm never going to give up or give in because of a little struggle that's happening this time of the year."

Westbrook could get benched

After the game, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel admitted there have been talks about Westbrook coming off the bench.

"We've talked about everything," Vogel said when asked if the Lakers have discussed the idea of having Westbrook come off the bench. Asked if it is something that could be seen moving forward, Vogel repeated himself: "We've talked about everything." Also, Vogel vowed that he will do everything to turn the page and lead the Lakers to postseason success.

"No stone unturned in terms of trying to find solutions to get this right," Vogel said. "But it hasn't taken shape. There's no quit in us. We will continue to persist. We're trying to adjust and shift and find ways to win with Anthony out.

We haven't found that yet. But it's not something that we can't do. We just haven't found it yet." The Lakers entered the season viewed as one of the top favorites for the title. The Lakers went all in last summer fo acquire Westbrook and it could not have gone any worse so far. Westbrook is playing one of the worst basketball of his career and the Lakers are losing games.

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