Los Angeles Lakers' Russell Westbrook urged to 'stop feeling sorry' for himself

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Los Angeles Lakers' Russell Westbrook urged to 'stop feeling sorry' for himself

Los Angeles Lakers legend James Worthy has urged Russell Westbrook to get back to his game and stop feeling sorry for himself. Westbrook is the Laker player that has received the most criticism this season as his production has taken a hit.

Worthy believes Westbrook is still capable of putting up big numbers and he wants the guard to step up. “He knows he’s vital to this team and he knows that his performance is not what he’d like it to be,” Worthy said on Spectrum SportsNet.

“I personally don’t like to see Russ with zero turnovers. I like to see him with at least 3 or 4 maybe. That means he’s aggressive, he has an aggressive style of play and when he’s in that mode, he’s productive.

“When he’s thinking a lot and passing up shots, I know he’s not knocking down shots and I think it’s because he’s hesitating. He’s thinking about it too much. “I like players who take accountability.

Russ knows he can play, he just needs to play like Russ can play and stop thinking about the distractions sometimes the fans don’t give him the just he deserves. He’s got to let all that go and just go out and be aggressive, get to the hole, take the shot when it’s available without hesitation.

“I think he can get back into a style of play that we want from him. He’s got to stop feeling sorry for himself and just go out and get rebounds, play defense and I think Russ can get back to being productive player that we need”.

Westbrook: I need to play better

After the Lakers' loss to the Dallas Mavericks, Westbrook admitted he needs to step up in his game. "Got to be better overall," Westbrook said of his play. "What I'm doing right now ain't good enough.

It ain't good enough." The Lakers aren't viewed as a championship contender anymore but Westbrook isn't giving up on their hopes of winning it all this year. "Super confident that we're going to be all right," Westbrook said.

"I've got confidence in this group, like I always have. And we can play the best teams. I'm not worried about nobody we have to play. We've beaten the best teams; we've lost to some of the worst teams. So, our confidence and my confidence in this group is extremely high because I know what we're capable of when we put our mind to it and do exactly what we need to do on a night-in, night-out basis."