Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving hopeful NYC lifts its vaccine mandate

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Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving hopeful NYC lifts its vaccine mandate

Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving hopes an upset win over the Milwaukee Bucks is just the beginning of something big. On Saturday night, Irving dropped a game-high 38 points to lead the Nets to a 126-123 road win over the reigning NBA champions Milwaukee Bucks.

The Nets now own a 32-29 record and sit at No. 8 on the Eastern Conference standings. "I'm glad that things are kind of settling down and there's light at the end of the tunnel here," Irving said, per ESPN.

"Hopefully, I can get back on that home floor playing in the Barclays and now we can finally have that conversation that you've been dying to have just about turning the page and moving forward beyond this. "But like I said, I'm not the only one.

I feel for everybody that's either in my boat or a similar boat or have dealt with some type of trauma from this. And just wishing everybody well-wishes, always."

Irving hopes to soon play in Brooklyn

The recent report suggest the New York City could soon lift its vaccine mandate and that would allow unvaccinated people to attend indoor events.

"I'm following it as much as you guys are," Irving said. "So just remaining patient and just seeing where things end up in this next week or so, next two weeks, I'm not too sure, but I know as much as you do.

And I want to say this -- is that I'm very appreciative of all those that are pushing behind the scenes to make our world a better place. "And with everything calming down with the COVID cases, the most important thing for me was just making sure everyone's OK.

I've been on record saying this that it's not about me, that I don't want to feel like it's all on me, but the circumstances this year have not been ideal." NBA commissioner Adam Silver said it's nonsense to him that Irving can't play in Brooklyn but unvaccinated players from road teams can.

"I know his job is not easy," Irving said. "Standing in the fire, sometimes, on behalf of our league. So my respect level went to a whole new one for him, and I'm just grateful that he did that, and he really took one for the team.

And I'm grateful for that. But like I said, we want to set a great example for the world in what we're doing, and we try to stand for what's right and respect everyone else's decisions and their personal beliefs."