LeBron James remains committed to Los Angeles Lakers

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LeBron James remains committed to Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has underlined that he is committed to the Lakers. On Friday, the Lakers continued their struggled season as they picked up a 105-102 defeat to the Los Angeles Clippers. The Lakers now own a disappointing 27-32 record and sit at No.

9 on the Western Conference standings. Some of the comments James made during the All-Star Weekend were interpreted as him hinting he could leave Los Angeles. "This is a franchise I see myself being with. I'm here.

I'm here," James said, per ESPN "I see myself being with the purple and gold as long as I can play." James' son, Bronny, could enter the NBA as soon as next year. James said during the All-Star Weekend that he wants to play his final season in the NBA with Bronny.

"I also have a goal that, if it's possible -- I don't even know if it's possble -- that if I can play with my son, I would love to do that," said James, 37. "Is that, like, something that any man shouldn't want that in life? That's like the coolest thing that could possibly happen.

That doesn't mean I don't want to be with this franchise."

James on the trade deadline

The Lakers didn't make any moves at the trade deadline and there were reports suggesting James wasn't happy with the Lakers' quiet deadline.

"I don't push the buttons," James said. "They ask for my opinion and I voice my opinion and what I believe. But I don't press any buttons. That's what our front office is for and that's what our leadership group is for.

"I don't press no buttons. So we can state that right now." James praised Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti during the All-Star Weekend. "If I comment [on] or compliment the GM that's in OKC -- I really believe he's done a phenomenal job.

And you guys spin that to me saying that Rob is not doing a great job," James said. "And if I say the GM from the Rams: I loved his f---ing T-shirt. I thought it was dope. And I believe the same way. I don't care about picks; I care about winning championships.

Well, how is that directed at Rob and the Lakers' franchise? Rob has done the same thing. He went and got AD. He didn't care about picks as well, obviously."