Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James reflects on Trayvon Martin's death, his activism

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Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James reflects on Trayvon Martin's death, his activism

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has reflected on the death of Trayvon Martin on the 10th anniversary of Martin's death. 10 years this week, a Black and unarmed teenager Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman.

"Until you know who you are, it's hard to speak for other people. Or speak for anything. You got to be comfortable with yourself," James told ESPN earlier this month when asked about Martin's death. "I think it's unfortunate that we, as a society sometimes, we want certain people to talk and we want certain people to [take on issues].

Like, 'Why aren't you speaking for [this community]?' I think for me, when I was younger, I wasn't in that position to do that." Martin was on his way home from a market, where he purchased candy and an ice tea.

Martin was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and after the news started gaining national attention, James and his Miami Heat teammates posed for a photo in a hotel ballroom with their team-issued Miami hoodies pulled over their heads.

In 2012, James was playing for the Heat.

James' activism is well-documented

"I grew," James said. "I grew. And as I grew to know who I am, to know what I want do with my life, to know the family that I have, now I understand that my calling is to be able to inspire others and also be able to give voices to people that don't have voices."

James often uses social media and his platform to draw attention to the racism and injustice African-American face in the United States. "Timing is everything," he said. "I was growing at the same time that the world was seeing these things that had always been happening, but because of some smart motherf---ers in tech, they were able to put these phones and these cameras and these direct things that were happening right now to the eyes of people.

And I was growing at that same time and I had that platform. So it was, it was just [in sync]." James is proud of how he and his Heat teammates reacted at the time. "We [sat] on top of the biggest throne in the sport," James said.

"Every single media outlet -- good, bad, whatever -- talked about the Miami Heat, the Heatles. Myself, [Dwyane] Wade, [Chris] Bosh, everybody, [coach Erik Spoelstra]. They all talked about us every single day. ".. We had an opportunity to make a statement.

We had an opportunity to really raise awareness to a situation that hit home for a lot of us, because a lot of us had kids. A lot of us had sons."