Richard Jefferson savagely destroys Gilbert Arenas in TikTok video

Arenas took a shot at Jefferson and his former college teammate had a strong response.

by Dzevad Mesic
Richard Jefferson savagely destroys Gilbert Arenas in TikTok video

Richard Jefferson destroyed his former college teammate Gilbert Arenas in a TikTok video that has now gone viral. Recently, Arenas questioned why Jefferson was selected ahead of him in the 2001 NBA draft. Jefferson was taken at No.

13 by the Houston Rockets, while the Golden State Warriors selected Arenas at No. 31. “You know they picked Richard Jefferson right? How did they pick Richard Jefferson (ahead of me) when I was the number one scorer in the University of Arizona? I was the best player on our team.

He was option three, four even,” Arenas said recently on his Fubo Sports podcast, “No Chill”.

Jefferson destroyed Arenas

Jefferson admitted Arenas was probably the better player than him when it comes to the game but then ripped him for his immature behavior.

“Let’s talk about why Gilbert went from first round to second round. It wasn’t because of his talent, because that man was a bad man… but Gilbert was an immature a–hole. That’s just who he was.

We are all little d–kheads, I get it. But what Gilbert did was a little more special,” Jefferson said in his “NBA story time” clip. Jefferson claimed Arenas hurt his reputation during pre-draft process by saying he wanted to be an "international pimp." “There’s a big symposium.

Every pre-draft player is there, teams are there and there are people talking to us about what we want to accomplish in the league and the microphone gets to Gilbert… and he says, ‘I want to be a pimp.' ” Jefferson said Arenas continued to double down on his comment, adding, “I want to be an international pimp,” and got scolded for it.

“This man lit into Gilbert in a way I still have not seen,” Jefferson said. “Sorry ladies, he’s an idiot. So, that happened. So, all of these things are the reason why Gilbert just kept dropping, because he’s an idiot.

The fact that his brain still doesn’t process why he dropped down — just to let you know who Gilbert is and I love my guy, but he’s a little special”. Jefferson didn't end there, sending more shots towards Arenas' way.

“Gilbert how many points did you score in the national championship game? And for extra credit, do you want to tell everybody what you were doing the night before the national championship game — the biggest game of our lives? Looking back, it was the biggest game you’ve ever played in. Do you want to tell anybody? No?” Jefferson asked.

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