Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving has warning for NBA teams

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Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving has warning for NBA teams

Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving has warned the league as he is confident the Nets are primed for big things in the rest of the season. The Nets have a 31-28 record and sit at No. 8 on the Eastern Conference standings but their first half of the season was marked by injuries and constant lineup changes.

The Nets are set to get Kevin Durant back, Ben SImmons is preparing for a Nets debut and Irving is fully healthy and ready to go. “I’m just saying, just watch our squad after the break. Like, just watch. Just watch,” Irving could be seen saying on a Twitch broadcast Monday night.

“This is great downtime right now before things start getting going again. I think there’s like 20 some-odd games left. I’m telling y’all, watch. Just watch. … God willing we’re healthy and everything works out”.

Irving still has a part-time status

Irving is refusing to take the vaccine but Nets general manager Sean Marks remains hopeful the New York City will change its vaccine mandate. “Yeah, I have to be optimistic, like everybody here.

We all know what’s at stake here. If you turn on CNN or BBC or Fox or whatever your flavor is, you see how everything’s changing, right?” Marks said. “We’re starting to see a sense of normality getting back to life.

… Vaccine rates are obviously high. So I am optimistic. I have to be optimistic. I think that’s the only way to look at this”. The Nets added Goran Dragic as the guard signed with Brooklyn after clearing waivers.

“I have to give full credit to (coach) Steve (Nash) on this one, without a doubt,” Marks said. “We were with Goran in Miami over the weekend, spent some brief time with him, and it was really intriguing to me to see the relationship that Goran and Steve have, the respect they have for one another and really respect that Goran had for Steve for many, many years ago”.

Marks made it clear the Nets have championship aspirations. "Championship. That’s it. I’d be doing 17 players and another 60 staff members over there a massive disservice if I said anything other than that, because that’s what we’re all here for,” Marks told a group of season-ticket holders.

“We have an incredible ownership group with Joe Tsai — talk about putting your chips in the middle. He’s supported us and supported us and continues to support us. So from that standpoint, we know what our expectations are”.