Los Angeles Lakers legend James Worthy defends Russell Westbrook

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Los Angeles Lakers legend James Worthy defends Russell Westbrook

Los Angeles Lakers legend James Worthy is confident Russell Westbrook will prove everyone wrong and show that he was a great signing for the Lakers. The Lakers went all in last summer to acquire Westbrook but so far the experiment hasn't gone as planned.

The Lakers own a disappointing 27-31 record and Westbrook is the player that has received the most blame for the Lakers' struggles. “I’m looking forward to Russ proving people wrong,” Worthy said on Spectrum SportsNet.

“A lot of people don’t think he was the right move when they traded for him and I think he’s going to quietly and methodically just keep playing his game. “I think in the last three or four games we’re starting to see him get rid of of all the chatter, the trade deadline is over he didn’t have to worry about that.

Now he comes to the locker room and he says ‘This is it and I know I can play just let me concentrate on the things I can do.' ”

LeBron James defended Westvrook

A week ago, James said Westbrook can't be the only one to be blamed for the Lakers' struggles.

"At the end of the day, as his brother, we're all in this together," James said. "We're all in the foxhole together. There is not one guy who is doing it by themselves. There's not one guy you can blame over another guy.

There's not one guy who gets the praise over another guy. When we lose, we all lose. When we win, we all win. It's really that simple." Westbrook was benched three times this season. Last week, Westbrook made it clear he doesn't think he is someone who deserves to be benched.

“I don’t have an answer to that, brother. I wish I did,” Westbrook said. “I shouldn’t have to hit any benchmarks, to be honest. I put a lot of work in. I got a lot of respect in this game. “I don’t have to hit a benchmark.

I earned the right to be in closing lineups. Numbers would say, I don’t have to explain it. “Once again, like I said, it ain’t my decision. That’s the decision that [Frank Vogel] … the staff thinks that’s best for the game … “I just got to go with it and figure it out best way I can and be there for my teammates as much as I can and make sure I come in to work and do my job as a professional."