Brooklyn Nets' Ben Simmons explains why he wanted out of Philadelphia

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Brooklyn Nets' Ben Simmons explains why he wanted out of Philadelphia

Ben Simmons claimed he doesn't know why things went bad in Philadelphia but he knew that he wanted a fresh start somewhere else. Simmons, who was taken at No. 1 in the 2016 NBA draft, requested a trade from the 76ers after the last season.

The 76ers initially tried to fix their relationship woth Simmons but the guard was adamant in his decision to never again play a game in Philadelphia. The 76ers traded Simmons to the Brooklyn Nets at the trade deadline. "If I knew, I would tell you everything," Simmons said when asked why things got so bad in Philadelphia, per ESPN.

"But there's just a lot of things internally that had to happen over time. And it just got to a place where I don't think it was good for me mentally. So it is what it is. It happened, and [I'm] moving forward."

Simmons was out and cited his mental health as the reason

When Simmons reported to the 76ers, he said he mentally wasn't where he needed to be in order to go out and perform. "For me, it was just making sure mentally I was right to get out there and play again," Simmons said.

"So that's something I've been dealing with. And it wasn't about the [Philadelphia] fans, or coaches or comments made by anybody. It was just a personal thing for me. That was earlier than that series [against the Atlanta Hawks] or even that season that I was dealing with, and [the Sixers] knew that.

So it is something that I continue to deal with and I'm getting there and getting to the right place to get back on the floor." Simmons insists his mental health played no role in him wanting out of Philadelphia.

"For me, the mental health has nothing to do with the trade," Simmons said. "It was a bunch of things that I was dealing with as a person, in my personal life, that I don't really want to go into depth with.

But I'm here now -- it's a blessing to be in an organization like this. I'm just looking forward to getting back on the floor and building something great here." SImmons says he wasn't feeling himself and happy in Philadelphia and that's why he wanted out.

"A bunch of things that had been going on over the years to where I knew I wasn't myself and I needed to get back to being myself and being happy as a person and taking care of my well-being," he said. "That was the major thing for me.

It wasn't about the basketball, it wasn't about the money, anything like that. I want to be who I am and get back to playing basketball and that level and being myself."